Today's Grand Prize Raffle Winner
Posted Saturday, September 30, 2006


Today's final Grand prize winning ticket belongs to...

Hank Droney of Boston Coach

Today's ticket was worth $500.00!!!!

Thank you again to everyone who participated!

Please let us know what you thought about this fundraiser, and let us know about any fundraising activities that you would like to see the NELA offer.


On Chauffeur Appreciation Day, we kicked off our Calendar Raffle for the month of September.  The price of each calendar card was $10.  The cards were sold that day as well as at the 7th Annual NELA George Colarullo Memorial Golf Tournament, and throughout the month of August.

A winning ticket will be pulled each day this month, with prizes ranging from $50.00 to $500.00.  Each winning ticket is replaced into the bowl.  Total prize money will be $2500.00, and any monies netted after taxes and printing costs, will go to support the association.

We thank all who have participated!