LOC Scores Sky High
Posted Wednesday, March 29, 2006

LOC Scores Sky High!

1000 Chauffeurs Needed Immediately

March 29, 2006

-          Charles Wisniewski


The accolades flooded in for last evening’s LOC meeting in Stamford. “This was the highest take-home value I’ve experienced in a long time” said one member about the panel discussion on chauffeur recruiting and retention facilitated by veteran industry consultant Charles Tenney of Charles Tenney & Associates.

The evening, sponsored by Stone Insurance, received “kudos” from Eric Anderson of Essex.. “Such an enlightening meeting.”  Larry White, NELA president concurred. “The format was perfect and I think the people that were there got a lot out of the presentation.”

In an impromptu survey of the small group of attendees, it seems as if there is a current need to beef up company chauffeur rosters by about ten percent.  To extrapolate that across the approximately 600 companies based within a 25-mile radius one could estimate an immediate and current need for about a thousand new chauffeurs!

LOC/NELA officials were disappointed at the low turnout despite the fact that the vast majority of Connecticut operators are based in the area.  This points to a need to really beef up communications to the area’s operators said White.  Look for a possible new program of ongoing “LOC/NELA Best Practices Luncheons” to start soon.

Another casual poll, at the meeting, showed that only a small number of operators monitor their turnover ratio in order to improve their companies recruiting and retention processes.  A ‘turnover ratio’ survey was passed out to the attendees and should result in an industry-first ‘benchmark’ to match your industry turnover against an industry average.

Tenney explains:  “Take the number of chauffeurs you hired last year and divide it by the average number of chauffeurs, both full- and part-time, you had on staff last year.  The result is your percentage of turnover.  If that number is over 20% you might be due to review your process for improvements.  Experts agree that turnover is a notoriously heavy but often hidden cost to running your business.  If you’d like to help NELA make more meaningful benchmark figures for your company to use, please send in your data – again the “average number of chauffeurs” and the “number hired;” both for year 2005.

The basis of yesterday’s meeting was to discover some of the best practices used by our peers to improve the recruiting and retention of chauffeurs. Pens were scribbling notes furiously throughout the meeting as panelists and audience all helped with good ideas.  Big thanks were earned by veteran operator panelist, Paul Jones, Eric Anderson, Rod Barfield and Bob Mackesek representing a total of about 275 chauffeurs.

Long-time NELA Connecticut Committee member Gail Masotta O'Keefe said that two new visiting operators were so impressed they will apparently join after attending last night’s meeting.