Member Ticketed
Posted Monday, April 3, 2006

Member Ticketed for “Chinese Fire Drill”

April 3, 2006

-         by Charles Wisniewski


A long-time LOC member answered a summons to appear before the Connecticut DOT recently on charges stemming from a 2005 prom sting.  CDOT inspectors investigated the situation when they observed more than the usual number of passengers exiting the vehicle.


The chauffeur told authorities that he was sure there were only five passengers when the non-stretched SUV departed the first pickup. But during stops at a couple of pre-prom picture events the passenger lineup shuffled around a bit.  “Johnny wants to ride with Billy and Suzie… but Bobby and Jean won’t ride with Billy so they’ll go in that other limo” was the gist of the conversations by the dozens of prom-goers over and over again at each stop the SUV made.  The next thing the chauffeur knew was that there were six students in the vehicle instead of four.  He told the chauffeur manager that it was only a two-minute ride and he didn’t know it could get the company in trouble.


Needless to say the company added this topic to training just prior to the start of the 2006 prom season.