State Senate to unveil 'pro-Uber' legislation
Posted Thursday, June 23, 2016
Boston Globe, 6/23/16
by Joshua Miller and Nicole Dungca
and the NELA response:

NELA Statement

It is very disappointing to learn that as multiple cities across the country have implemented strong public safety measures to regulate TNC’s, here in Massachusetts the legislature has not responded and has left the people of the state vulnerable and unprotected.


The Senate language falls woefully short on so many levels. They are jeopardizing jobs, taxes and the very livelihoods of an entire industry. To cast a blind eye to the taxi and livery industry and allow TNC’s to operate with impunity borders on neglect.


We intend to fight this language on the Senate floor and amend it to better reflect what scores of police chiefs, district attorneys and countless citizens have called for – stronger public safety measures and a more fair system for transportation professionals to operate in.