NELA / LOC merger is Approved!
Posted Friday, June 3, 2005


Thanks to all of you our members!  You have made the final step of the merger between the NELA and the LOC possible.  We can now go to the Secretary of State's of Massachusetts & Connecticut with our merger documents to make it official.

In seeking our members’ approval for the merger, many of you asked, "why are we doing this?"  Well the many reason is easy - STRENGTH IN NUMBERS!  The merger between the NELA/LOC will make us the second largest association of limousine operators in the country.  Second only to the NLA.  Now when regulators try to introduce unfair regulations we can go to them with the strength of our membership to oppose such regulations.

We also hope to be able to offer our members more benefit programs, such as discounted fuel programs, discounted member auto insurance, discounted credit card processing, discounted background checks, and offering health insurance plans to our members.  All of these programs are either currently available or we are working with vendors to make these programs available shortly.

If you would like more information on member benefits, please contact us by clicking the link or calling our office 866.736.6352