Help us to help you!
Posted Thursday, August 27, 2009

To all our members;


We board members are always looking for new ways to improve what the NELA can do for our members. In these times any little edge you have may make a difference between success and failure.


We are talking about having some educational seminars for our members such as:

  1. QuickBooks
  2. Constant contact (E-Mail marketing)
  3. Outlook  ( E-mail-Calendar-Contacts )
  4. Secure internet reservations (both sending and receiving)

Many small and medium, and maybe some larger, companies may be able to use some help in these areas or other areas of concern.


We would really like to hear from you. What types of seminars would help you run your business? What topics are you interested in learning about? Please take a minute and email myself or Rick at the NELA Office so we can work on getting a program started. We are looking for ways to increase the benefits of belonging to the NELA.


Again please contact me at or the NELA Office directly at Don’t put this down on your desk where it will get buried thinking you will do it later. Ask yourself, “In what areas of my business could I use some help?” Take a minute now to respond. Help us to help you.


Brian Tardiff