8/8/2019 Limited Time Advertising Opportunity!
10/4/2018 NELA Launches Affiliate Membership
4/6/2018 NELA Wins the 2018 NLA Association Award of Excellence
8/11/2016 Uber driver charged with rape
8/1/2016 SIGN & SHARE NLA's "We the People" Petition
8/1/2016 Commissioner Evans: Fingerprint Uber, Lyft Drivers
7/18/2016 Private background checks now required for rideshare drivers
7/15/2016 Uber-Lyft debate putting Mayor Walsh in a bind
7/14/2016 Massport, convention center have different takes on Uber bill
7/12/2016 Ride-Hail Restrictions Opposed by Biz Group, NAACP Official
7/11/2016 How Uber secretly investigated its legal foes - and got caught
7/6/2016 Uber driver from Lawrence charged with assault on woman
7/5/2016 Marty Walsh bashes Uber bill
6/30/2016 Commonwealth Worldwide Chauffeured Transportation Named "Best Car Service" for Sixth Time
6/30/2016 Senate passes ride-for-hire bill that adds new regulations
6/30/2016 NELA Statement on Massachusetts State Senate Legislation
6/29/2016 Uber bill would provide transportation options in Western Massl, but taxi industry critics cry foul
6/29/2016 Taxi owners make last stand on Uber rules
6/29/2016 Boston wants better data from Uber, and is taking a roundabout route to try and get it
6/28/2016 Why the next month will be huge for Uber in Massachusetts
6/28/2016 Taxi drivers demand stronger background, fingerprint checks for Uber drivers
6/28/2016 URGENT - MA Residents & MA-Based Businesses
6/23/2016 State Senate to unveil 'pro-Uber' legislation
6/20/2016 FOX25 Investigates sex offender driving for Uber in Boston
6/1/2016 Reality Check: Risks on the road with Uber drivers
5/31/2016 Inside Uber's Auto-Lease Machine, Where Almost Anyone Can Get a Car
5/25/2016 Police: Uber driver arrested after attempting to murder police officers
5/23/2016 You can now book a Lyft ride up to 24 hours in advance
5/19/2016 Elizabeth Warren Takes On Uber, Lyft and the 'Gig Economy'
5/16/2016 Uber's Corporate Domination of Democracy is Not "Progress"
5/13/2016 Lyft users can no longer request rides from Logan Airport
5/9/2016 Is Fingerprinting Austin's Uber & Lyft Drivers Actually Safer?
5/3/2016 Sex harassment case reinforces doubts about Uber
5/3/2016 Letter to the Editor: Taxi medallion owners seek recognition that they're on unequal terrain
3/7/2016 Cab Industry, Police Chief "disappointed" in proposed Mass. Uber Law
3/2/2016 Uber warns of fake-driver scam spike at city airports
3/1/2016 Greater Boston, Jim Braude keeps Uber spokeswoman on the hot seat
2/26/2016 MA Speaker of the House - Background Checks
3/26/2014 Prudential Tunnel Lane Reduction beginning 3/28/14
1/7/2014 Boston's Callahan Tunnel Closed 12/27/13-3/12/14
6/4/2012 Roadcheck 2012 – June 5th through 7th
4/26/2012 Braun Lift Recall - Authorized Repair Centers
4/9/2012 Braun Lift - NHTSA Safety Notice
12/7/2011 2012 International LCT Show Scholarship Program
8/23/2011 Logan Airport, Terminal B Re-Opens 8/24, 3AM
8/8/2011 Logan Airport, Terminal B - Update
7/26/2011 Logan Airport - Terminal B, Upper Level, Closed Aug 3-24, 2011
6/15/2011 Logan Airport: Relocation of Terminal B Limousine Areas Jun-Aug 2011
6/15/2011 Sumner Tunnel Closures starting June 17, 2011
9/30/2010 Data and ad availability in 2011 Directory
6/14/2010 Important Logan/Terminal B changes
6/4/2010 Black Falcon Cell Phone Lot
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