Principals of Professional Code of Ethics

All members pledge to conduct their business in accordance with the NELA Principals of Professional Code of Ethics, and to provide their customers with decent, honest, competent and responsible service.

bullet To conduct all business with integrity, sincerity, and accuracy in an open and forthright manner.
bullet To operate lawfully within the jurisdiction of all lawful states, municipalities and authorities and carry adequate insurance limits on all vehicles, employees, or other persons affiliated with My/Our company firm to preserve their interests.
bullet To provide factual and accurate information regarding My/Our products and services of a firm I/We represent, and to avoid misleading or deceptive practices which could be damaging to the consumer or private livery industry.
bullet To consider every transaction with clients as confidential, not disclosing any information regarding these transactions without the client's permission unless such disclosure is required by law.
bullet To respond promptly and proactively to customer complaints and concerns to resolve each situation to the mutual benefit of all concerned.
bullet To cooperate fully with any inquiry regarding disputes involving customers and/or member companies.